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Justin Maximillian Kimlim
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Justin Kimlim

From classrooms to coding, I'm Justin Maximillian Kimlim, a 12th grader with a relentless drive to learn and contribute. Beyond the school walls, I lead Aspiring Change Makers, a 100-member non-profit organization I co-founded, dedicated to championing education in dozens of orphanages. Here, I orchestrate initiatives and empower youth to be advocates for themselves and their communities.

Leadership isn't limited to titles. Within Sutomo 1 Senior High School's Student Council, I steered as a Steering Committee (previously president), driving student engagement and fostering a vibrant school environment. My passion for organization spills over to PPSN, a national-level science practical organization, where I currently handle the HR directorate, ensuring our team stays motivated and thrives.

Beyond leadership, I'm a tech whiz and a stargazer. When the bell rings, I unleash my inner techie, building innovative projects like Xplorer, a game-changer file explorer built on TypeScript and Rust. When the code stopped compiling, I lost myself in the beauty of the cosmos, a passion that led me to win the national astronomy olympiad. Each line of code and every twinkling star fuels my desire to build a brighter future, both for myself and for my community.

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What do I do

Student Council
President (2022-2023), Steering Committe (2023-ongoing)
Student Council

Leading 145 committees in 3000 students school; Managed talents week, camps, expo with a total of 10k participants; discussed educational issues with governor; Represented school in international conference

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Aspiring Change Makers
Founder, President (2023-ongoing)
Aspiring Change Makers

Leading 100 members to improve education in orpahanages; Empowered about 500 less fortunate students through scientific experiments and expert interactions, broadening their opportunities; Presented the project to the Ministry of Education

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Founder, Lead Developer (2021-ongoing)

Out-of-the-box designed file explorer that supports tabbing, file previewing, and customizing; 3.6k stars on GitHub; 32k downloads; Built using TypeScript and Rust on top of Tauri.

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Sutomo 1 Astronomy Club
Mentor (2022 - ongoing)
Sutomo 1 Astronomy Club

Facilitated 30 juniors in Astronomy and Astrophysics, teaching complex lessons. Led 3 members to provincial olympiad, and 2 to national olympiads.

Studio 31 Hair Design
Lead Developer (2023-ongoing)
Studio 31 Hair Design

Created and maintained the appointment system website with about 300k visitors daily; created internal finance system.

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Flag Hoisting Troop
Member (2022)
Flag Hoisting Troop

Selected out of 60 members to be flag raiser during Independence day; showcased unwavering discipline and precision in the flag raising ceremonies.


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